Two new Townhomes are now under construction at 114/116 Fairway Hills Drive. One side will have a 2 story front dormer; the other a 3 story, allowing us to show both the base unit and the optional 3rd floor sitting room and elevator stop.

While it is hard to improve on such a great floor plan, we are incorporating several enhancements that came about from actually living in one of the units. Mike Wills, Midtown Project Manager, and his wife Carey live in the first unit built and show it most every week (Sundays 1-3) as the project model.

The front entry dormer has been bumped out two additional feet, adding space to the lower level foyer, main floor office and the optional 3rd floor sitting room, making those spaces more functional and spacious.

The elevator door has been turned 90 degrees so the elevator is accessed from the foyer and office on the main floor, providing for more furniture placement options and a perfect place to mount the TV in the living room.

A double egress window is now standard in the 3rd floor bonus room, adding much more light to the cavernous space provided within the trusses.

We found the optional front balcony was not getting much use as the back deck off the kitchen/dining room is much more private and intimate, so these units will have a standard covered entry in the front.

We expect to have the homes fully enclosed by Christmas. The interior finishes start when the units sell. Make your move!