Being situated in the downtown district, height limitations are not a confining issue. We can easily build four stories above grade and, with traditional flat roofs, one unit can be two stories and the next four! Within the footprint of any Uptown Townhome, we have tremendous flexibility to accommodate the individual client’s space needs and lifestyles.

Whiteford Associates design team has prepared two basic floor plans for each footprint: one with garage, kitchen, living, dining on the entry level and bedrooms above; the other with garage, bedrooms, family room or home office on the main level and kitchen, living and dining on the second level. Clients are given the flexibility of designing their particular unit to meet their space needs and lifestyle, with those plans as a starting point. Change it up as you like with large roof gardens and terraces on any level and you can vary the indoor and outdoor living space to suit. Click on the link below to explore basic plans:

Our Townhomes are functionally independent of other units. There are no shared hallways, elevators, multiple egress stairways, parking structures or mechanical equipment. Vertical separation walls are sound-proof and there is no one else living above or below.

Each townhome has its own attached garage, internal stairs and private elevator. This provides the individual owner freedom in design within his “footprint” and flexibility in choosing mechanical systems and features. It also gives great comfort in the ability to control utility and maintenance costs, especially for those who are not year-round residents.