As of this writing, we have reservations on 9 of the 13 units and have a waiting list for those! The buzz and excitement this project has generated is truly amazing.

Much progress has been made, though we are behind the aggressive schedule we set for ourselves (it seems some of the State agencies don’t have the same sense of urgency that we do :-)).

Obviously, we have not started construction yet and cannot until we have all the State Brownfield funding commitments and agreements in place. We are diligently working with MDEQ and MEDC through Eric Helzer, AKT Peerless, our environmental consultant to finalize the Brownfield Plan and funding. It now appears that could take until January. Only then can we begin bidding out the work, so it could easily be spring before we put a shovel in the ground.

Still we’ve accomplished a lot so far:

  • Traverse City DDA (Downtown Development Authority) has committed to build the river walk and pedestrian access steps and has contracted with Beckett and Raeder to design it
  • TLCP (Traverse City Light & Power) has committed to move power lines and bury them underground all the way across the river
  • TC Housing Commission (our neighbor to the N & W) is working with us to establish access and construction easements
  • The City of Traverse City has agreed on several property swaps and easement issues needed to facilitate the project
  • AKT Peerless has completed the environmental investigation, reports and due care plans
  • Grand Traverse County Brownfield Authority and the City has approved our work plan
  • MDEQ has issued a permit for a retaining wall that will stabilize the river bank and ensure the project will not be subject to flood insurance
  • Soil borings and geotechnical reports providing data for piling and foundation engineering has been completed
  • Preliminary approval of site engineering and utilities is complete
  • Unit footprints have been precisely determined
  • The site plan has been refined and nearing finalization, incorporating input from City Engineering and Fire Departments

Uptown Reservation Site Plan






In the meantime, Whiteford Associates is working through conceptual floor plans with prospective buyers while Machin Engineering is finalizing piling and foundation design with an emphasis on Units C, D and E (Phase 1). Nathan Griswold, Inhabitect, is providing his expertise and details on green roofs, which has become an integral part of our storm water runoff plan and protection for the Boardman River. In addition to the environmental benefits, the green roofs will provide cool rooftop outdoor living spaces while boosting energy efficiency to help offset the initial cost increases. Anita Silverman is contributing her artistic, green hand to soften the landscaping elements of the site plan.

Upon receipt of the Brownfield funding commitments, our first step will be to demolish the existing building, then clear the trees and vegetation on the west side of the project along the river bank so we can place the retaining wall and begin pilings and foundations for units C, D and E , followed by units A and B (Phase 2).

Overhead electrical wires will need to be moved (undergrounded out in State Street) before we can begin clearing for river front units F-J. That is expected to happen sometime in early summer and we will move right over to do the retaining wall, pilings and foundations for those units while framing Phase 1 and 2.

Site Condominium documents are being prepared and are expected to be ready for filing in early December and will get copies in your hands as soon as we can. At that point, we will be asking buyers to step up their level of commitment to purchase their lot and build their Uptown luxury townhome. Phase 1 units can expect occupancy in the fall of 2014.

We appreciate all the enthusiasm and welcome your questions.